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    Hello, my name is Donna and I have been making quilts since I was expecting my first baby over 30 years ago. Growing up, I can't remember a time in my life when we didn't have a beautiful quilt on each and every bed in our home. Our business in Ashland, Kentucky began when Penny, my mom, started teaching quilt making classes about 25 years ago.  People admired her wonderful quilts and her contagious excitement about the joy of making them and wanted to learn for themselves.

    Quilts and fabrics and all of the books and makings bring me joy and just feels like the way it should be. I have been working side by side with my mother and partner for many years in the shop.  Recently mom has decided to slow down a bit and spend more time at home.  Our shop is now my shop and it seems right to us both.


    Hello, My name is Brandi and I am a newcomer to quilting.  I grew up in eastern  Kentucky where quilting is part of the culture, but never made any when I lived there.  I moved to South Carolina about five years ago and started quilting then.  My mom and granny were both excellent sewers.  They have both passed, so when I sew it reminds of them and its comforting to do something that feels like home.   

    I have always been creative and wanted to do crafts but I often didn't like the results or want said craft to decorate my home.  I love quilting because you can create whatever you can dream up and they are so functional and comfortable.  I love a modern aesthetic that references vintage or antique quilts in some way.

    I started pressuring Donna since she took over the Little Red Hen Quilt and Fabric shop in Ashland, Kentucky to open up an online store.  Many people shop online now and she could reach a whole new audience to share our Kentucky quilt culture and allow the family quilt shop to continue into the future. She eventually agreed and that's how Red Hen Fabric Shop began.